August 19, 2011
We Love Wool Campaign


Wool is a wonderful natural fiber that shows up in all kinds of clothing- not just your ski hat or winter coat. A versatile natural fiber that is responsible for some of our most loved pieces of fashion, it is time to celebrate wool! Well, that is what the folks over at We Love Wool are aiming to do anyways. 


Join in the celebration of wool and enter your favorite look wearing at least one piece of wool to win a vacation to Australia worth $12,000 and discover the origins of Merino wool. It might be a very smart marketing ploy by the Australian Tourism Board, but I have to say, celebrating wool does feel really good, and if I win a vacation doing it, I am all for it! 

PS- the dress I am wearing in my posted image above will be available at, a new luxury resale retailer, when they launch their Pre Fall collection in the next couple of weeks. Keep your eyes out for it and you could scoop it up and make it your own!

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