March 18, 2011
Flash Sale: Olga Olsson Swimwear


So, I have had these images sitting on my desktop (waiting to be posted) for weeks… I was hanging by the pool on my trip to Southern California, and my sister, Natalie, snuck up on me while I was on a call and paparazzi style snapped all these poolside bikini photos! I have sheepishly been waiting to post them to my site (because I really want everyone to see how amazing Olga Olsson bikinis are!), and then I received an email about her having a flash sale. It was the destined nudge I needed.


Let’s please concentrate on the swimwear- it is amazing. Let me tell you about it. Olga Olsson is produced in Rio de Janeiro by young women artisans to help foster community building, celebrate artistic tradition and improve livelihoods. 

All dyes are disperse and azo dye free, and the prints are digital so there is a lot less wastage of inks and fabric in comparison with traditional roller printing.  

My favorite part is the 'fita de bonfim' ribbon, from Salvador in Bahia, that is used to tie their hang tag on. This ribbon can then be used to tie around your wrist and make a wish (a tradition in Brazil); when the ribbon breaks, your wish will come true.  I am wearing mine right now. ;)

The flash sale runs from today until midnight (GMT) on the 20th of March! Use the code: WATER2011 to get 20% off and get a wish ribbon! And, please feel free to post your own images in your stunning Olga Olsson, so that I am not alone. X

(And in case you were wondering, my favorite non-toxic sunscreen is Sun Shield by MyChelle Dermacueticals.)

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