September 10, 2010
Phil Oh: How Bloggers Can Monetize Influence


Yesterday was the Evolving Influence fashion bloggers conference hosted by Jennine Jacob, founder of Independent Fashion Bloggers. The conference itself is evolving, and I was really pleased that this year some key blogging individuals were given the full stage and screen to discuss their personal experience of blogging- and most importantly how they’ve been successful in turing blogging into their full time career.


One of my favorite talks was given by Phil Oh of Street Peeper, who has taken his blog to new heights and is now collaborating under the mother wing of He had some great insight on how to monetize your influence as a blogger. Here is are the basic points:

1. When you are building your blog’s presence and audience up, give away ad space to friends that are part of fashion publications, stores, or other blogs to beef up your site and show potential advertisers that you are worth advertising with.

2. Build a media kit, and on it you should have:

-who you are

-what your traffic numbers are

-collaborations you’ve done

-press you’ve received

3. Pool bloggers together to produce greater traffic and cross pollinate with different but similar audiences.

4. Treat your writing or photography as a commodity. If you value your work and your time it won’t feel weird asking for payment when you are asked to guest blog or work on a project for a brand.

5. Turn your job into a real job by opening the door to working for other publications.

6. If you do something for free to begin with it is very hard to go back and ask for money, so look hard at what you are agreeing to do for what price, and remember- treat your work as a commodity!

(All photos by Phil Oh)

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